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Since 1994: Research and teaching on data and knowledge modeling, query languages, search engines, rule-based programming, Web systems and social media with the Institute for Informatics, University of Munich, as a full professor and head of the Unit "Programming and Modelling Languages". 1985-1993: Work on deductive databases, logic programming, and automated deduction at ECRC (European Computer-Industry Research Centre), Munich, first as a researcher latter as a project leader. 1983-1984: Work on statistic databases at the research center IRT (now INRETS ), Paris, as a researcher. 1982-1983: Military service with the French Air Forces at SIRPA Air as a PR officer. 1981-1982: Work on a text processing system at Transac-Alcatel (now Alcatel), Paris, as a software engineer. 1979-1981: PhD student in Mathematics (Graph Theory) at University Paris 6 (supervisors: Claude Berge and Michel Las Vergnas) and lecturer at ESIEA, a school of engineering, Paris. 1974-1978: First, student in applied mathematics and economics, University Paris 9, then, student in mathematics, University Paris 6. 1974 and before: French Baccalauréat while at École Alsacienne in Paris 6. Formerly, at Lycée Romain Rolland in Ivry-sur-Seine, École Jean Poulmarch in Paris 10, École in Vandœuvre lès Nancy, École Saint-Exupéry in Rabat, Marocco.

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